Energy Management
Saving your business unnecessary costs!

At Oracle we offer a comprehensive energy management service, optimising consumption for our client’s buildings, by tailoring solutions to specific needs & environments.

A buildings energy consumption can count up to 40% of its running costs throughout its lifetime. Managing energy effectively is therefore vital for our clients to save money & reduce wastage of important resources.

A BEMS (Building Energy Management System) provides a stable platform for monitoring mechanical & electrical equipment in a building. It allows for the ability to control heat & temperature effectively – saving money & time across the board. Whether the building is refurbished or new, controls can be implemented.

What is a BEMS effective for:

  • The ability to control energy usage
  • Lowering costs
  • To guarantee assets are continuously in the correct environment (weather changes doesn’t affect the status quo & upset the balance)
  • An awareness of any issues before they become fully fledged problems
  • Meeting corporate social responsibilities (reducing carbon footprint)

Our team at Oracle can upgrade your existing lighting to LED, as part of our energy management coverage. An LED retrofit of your commercial property will prove a smart decision, as savings can be made within a 2 – 4 year period. LED lighting excels in energy optimisation due to its extreme efficiency & life expectancy. Performance additionally out ways traditional lighting, with spaces becoming 20-30% brighter.

PIR (passive infrared sensor) systems, used for motion detection ensure that lighting only turns on when required and that needless energy isn’t consumed. Such a system can be installed in your premises to reduce costs.

Ensuring pump motor optimisation, is another vital energy management solution. Selecting the right pump & operating system is often the first step. Other steps include, installing ‘Variable Frequency Drives’ (VFD) for oversized pumps & throttling valves used in pump operations. Additionally, making sure there is an appropriate distribution system for piping.

Other solutions for managing energy consumption, include solar & gas control (utilisation of wastage).

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