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We have an extensive range of fabric services ideal for our client’s corporate buildings, including but is not limited to: Category A fit-outs; Category B fit-outs; Painting & decorating; Carpeting; Full Access Flooring; Partitioning; Suspended Ceilings.

Category A fit-outs

Although there is no definitive definition for a ‘Category A fit-out’, it is typically when a ‘Shell & Core’ is converted into a blank canvas that’s suitable for renting. Although this can vary between developer & owner, this most commonly includes:    

  • Distribution of mechanical & electrical services (such as air conditioning ducts & lighting sockets etc.)
  • Raised floors & suspended ceilings
  • Window blinds
  • Internal surface finishes (walls, lift lobbies & reception areas)
  • Basic fire detection systems

Category B fit-outs

A ‘Category B fit-out’ finishes the interior space of a building, tailoring the internal specifications to the tenant’s individual requirements. This turns the blank canvas into a normal office space, by adding the finishing touches, including:

  • Finishes & branding
  • Partitioning
  • Installation of specialist lighting, ICT & audio visual equipment
  • Meeting rooms, breakout rooms & conference rooms
  • Flooring (carpets)
  • Furniture, furnishing
  • Office, kitchen & reception area fitting
  • Lighting

Painting & decorating

Our commercial painting & decorating service operates at the highest standard, with industry professional taking care of every detail. Options include:

  • Interior & exterior painting
  • Weather treatment
  • Waterproof preservation
  • Wall plastering
  • Tiling & Wallpapering


Carpet fitting and installation is tailored to our clients individual requirements and their buildings internal specifications. By additionally tracking elements such as where high volume footfall occurs (or will), we are able to manage the longevity of the flooring. Efficient management improves the life cycle and wear – reducing future costs. Regular maintenance of carpeting is also advised to cut down on any future spend.

Full Access Flooring

Full access flooring, alternatively known as ‘raised flooring’ is system of erected platforms which sit above services running along the original floor. Thus concealing piping or electrical wiring from view, diminishing the need to integrate into a wall or floor. Each platform can be lifted out place, providing easy access to any of the services that may lie beneath.


Dividing an office space effectively can improve the working environments functionality.  We offer a range of solutions:

  • Glass Partions
  • Acoustic Partions
  • Industrial Partions
  • Glazed & Demountable Office Partions

Suspended Ceilings

Suspend ceilings (dropped ceiling) act as a secondary barrier which hang from the original structure. A common feature in many buildings, suspended ceilings offer three main advantages:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Aesthetics by concealing building features (ducts, sprinkler piping etc)
  • Acoustics dampener

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