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As part of our facilities management coverage, we also provide a range of mechanical services for our clients. This includes the safe & proper installation of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Ongoing maintenance & repairs

Most mechanical objects require ongoing maintenance and repairs. This is to ensure that the they work efficiently (so extra power isn’t wasted) and that they are safe to continue operating (reducing potential hazards for personnel).

Our maintenance & repair service includes:


Without constant maintenance, energy consumption from a chiller can spiral out of control. We believe at Oracle that a comprehensive preventive maintenance (PM), best ensures that both the performance & efficiency of a chiller work at the optimum level.  Our PM plan looks at five key areas:

  1. Maintaining a Daily Operation Log
  2. Keeping tubing clean
  3. Ensuring a leak-free unit
  4. Sustaining decent water treatment
  5. Analysing the oil & refrigerant

Our chiller maintenance also takes into consideration a variety of other preventative measures, to best ensure your costs don’t increase exponentially.


Maintaining boilers properly is vital in order to minimise on wasted resources. Oracle will maintain your boilers by:

  1. Minimizing heat loss by checking the insulation on valves, piping, flanges & fittings. As well as replacing valve matt/covers when maintenance has been carried out.
  2. Burners and their controls will be examined and fine-tuned to the correct settings, in order to save on Gas consumption.
  3. Supplying a record of work after each scheduled boiler maintenance. By keeping a level of formality with maintenance, tasks will be undertaken when they are required, thus ultimately avoiding issues that potentially could have built up.

Identifying when a boiler needs replacing, this can be after 15 years of service or if its displaying signs of degradation or permanent inefficacy.


Keeping drainage clear and in working order is vital for any business. By avoiding or maintaining poorly, drainage can cause numerous problems including, water damage, the local wildlife ecosystem & compliancy issues with government guidelines (fines for improper care).

Drainage blocks can occur when grease or large amounts of fat have built up from cooking, tree roots disturb the liquid flow or structural defects have interfered. By maintaining building drainage regularly, serious faults or issues can be avoided.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

At Oracle Managed Services we can provide a full HVAC design, which is tailored to the specific needs of our client and their building. This takes into the consideration building occupancy (number of staff) and heat load. HVAC systems can equate up to 65% of a building’s energy usage. So getting the right system for a building is therefore fundamentally important in order to save money from being wasted.

Installation of your HVAC system will be managed by our on-site engineers, who excel in quality control & safety management. Ensuring that no problems occur during install.

The ultimate goal of HVAC is to provide adequate thermal comfort and indoor air quality. Therefore, in order to keep this a constant, regular maintenance is 100% necessary. We can include an ongoing service charge as part of our agreement.

Our maintenance service also covers: Sanitation and plumbing services; Sanitary ware installations; Pipework; Gas installations testing; Pumps; Compressors.

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