FM Winter Checklist

Article tag 11 Jan 21

Covid has slowed down business and the economy but it won’t slow down the onset of winter. As a facilities manager, you will want to be prepared. Here is our handy FM winter checklist to help you winter-proof your premises.

Winter Checklist

External Lighting

With the shorter winter days, staff will be arriving and leaving when it is dark outside. It is important that you have good external lighting in place to keep them safe, check the lighting is providing effective coverage and that sensors are working correctly.

Power Supply

Power cuts due to adverse weather are prevalent during the winter months. Your FM partner should inspect back up power supplies and make use of power surge protectors to help protect your business against power outages.

Grounds Maintenance

Winter brings fresh challenges for ground maintenance, with a build-up of moss, mud, leaves, and cracked paving causing potential trip and slip hazards. Inspect and repair damaged areas in your car parks, on your paved areas and pathways. Power washing of grounds can help to effectively clear away debris.

Commercial Boilers

Through the cold winter months your boiler will be vital to provide a comfortable and safe work environment for your employees and to create a warm and inviting environment for customers, remember to book your annual service to make sure it is in tip top condition and ready to perform at optimum levels to reduce energy consumption and reduce strain on the system.

Winter Gritting

Bitter winter winds combine with sub-zero temperatures bring sleet and snow which can create treacherous black ice. Don’t wait for the freeze, check your grit bins are watertight. Stock up on rock salt ahead of the winter freeze, ready to keep the footpaths, car parks, entrances, and grounds around your premises gritted to help keep your staff and customers safe from accidents.

Windows and Window Frames

Winter downpours can be extremely heavy and can cause water to ingress through window frames and may worsen existing cracked glazing. Check the glazing for cracks and check the frames for signs of corrosion or wear, check for gaps around the seals. Replace and repair to protect against water damage.


Test the gutters to see that the rainfall is free flowing, pay particular attention to any joints and hoppers and check the downpipes and drains are free of debris and that rainfall is flowing away from the building.


Emergency plumbing call outs peek during the winter months with businesses facing the major disruption and costly damages from burst pipes. Protect your business, take preventative measures to ensure pipework is in good order with properly insulated pipes and valves ready to face up to the challenge of winter elements.


Winter storms can bring gale force winds, check your roofs for loose or dislodged tiles, check membrane of flat roofs for signs of wear. Clear areas where water can accumulate or where ice or snow load might pile up and cause structural damage.


Make sure that you have sufficient cover in place for in the event of a disaster and ensure that your policy is up to date.

Maintenance Contractor

Winter weather can take its toll causing damage to the exterior fabric of your building. This can eventually cause costly damage to your premises and disruption to your business. A robust maintenance programme will help ensure your premises are safe and welcoming.

Even with the best planning things can still go wrong. Having a relationship in place with a reputable contractor that offers emergency response, will provide an added peace of mind and security for your business. Oracle MS can tailor a maintenance contract to your businesses needs.

We hope you found our FM winter checklist useful. If you need help with any of the above please get in touch: 

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