Cleaning Services

Oracle's Managed Cleaning Services will have everything spick and span whenever you need.

Offices, schools, warehouses – you name it, our highly trained team are there tooled up and ready for a regular once-over or a deep-clean. Giving you all the time you need to get down and dirty with the stuff that matters.

Contract Cleaning

Bespoke cleaning on a frequency to suit your workplace needs.

The spaces our commercial cleaning services are available for include:

  • Education
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • Sports & leisure
  • General office
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Block management
  • Communal areas

We can also supply and stock antiviral sanitisation stations as well as viral disinfection to your cleaning contract.

Commerical Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

We are able to offer a one-off and repeat deep cleaning services Depending on your requirements we are able to cover your whole property or we can target high touchpoint/footfall areas ie kitchens and toilets.

Our enhanced antiviral sanitisation service is targeted to ensure the elimination of any dangerous germs and pathogens from your workplace. Perfect for getting your workplace safe and ready for the return of your staff post lockdown.

Health Care Cleaning Specialists

Oracle MS have considerable experience providing cleaning services to a number of healthcare establishments from hospitals and hospices, care homes, doctors surgeries and medical centres.

We’ve consistently provided our clients thorough and reliable world-class service. We have a number of specialist services designed to maintain the high standards required of these establishments and are teams are trained to adhere to the protocols of these institutions.


Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our accredited teams have experience and specialist equipment capable of cleaning all types of carpets including:

  • Carpet tiles
  • Tufted carpets
  • Floatex
  • Commercial glued down carpets.

Oracle FM understand the importance of keeping disruption to a minimum and are therefore equipped to tailor our carpet cleaning services to suit your needs.

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We're always on hand to bring a complete suite of tailor-made Facilities Management services built around you. Get in touch with us to talk about your needs and the solutions we have, to meet and exceed them.

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