Lease coming to an end? Need experts to take care of dilapidations? When the time comes to hand back the keys and you need to return your office space to its original condition, look no further.

Our cost-effective Dilapidation Services deliver a quick turnaround and sustainable, long-lasting results; assuring commercial tenants the property's in the required state and ready to hand back to the property landlord for new rental or resale. Our solutions suit companies of all sizes and budgets without an iota of compromise on quality. While our thorough Risk and Health Assessments and capacity for specialist equipment and processes such as Asbestos tests and roof safety, ensures peace of mind.


Dilapidations Expertise

Our dedicated experienced team, consist of chartered surveyors and property lease specialists, and world-class repairs teams. We can guide you through any lease issues including guidance on dilapidations.

Our team of surveyors will work on your behalf with the owners of your commercial property to offer support with advice, specialist dilapidation surveys, schedule of conditions and more to ensure you only fix what is required of you.

We can typically reduce tenant liabilities by an average of 40% and can get all works completed promptly and to the highest standard to ensure all parties are left happy.

Dilapidations claims are generally based on:

  • The cost of the repairs.
  • Reinstatement works that the tenant should have completed.
  • Any loss of rent for the period needed to complete those works.

This means engaging the help of Oracle FM as early as possible will ensure that you only pay what you have to.

Moving into a new office? Oracle FM not only offer a workplace moving service but we can also help with surveys of your new office to ensure you get the very best contract for your tenancy.

We also offer an extensive range of services to ensure the maintenance of your building during the occupation of rented properties to ensure you stay on top of any contracted commitments.

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