Energy Management

When energy is so important, why waste it? Our comprehensive energy management service optimises consumption for your building by tailoring solutions to your building's environment and uses.

With energy consumption counting up to 40% of a building's running costs throughout its lifetime, managing effectively means you'll be saving money and reducing wastage of important resources across the board from the get-go.

Energy Management Consultancy

Oracle FM can provide comprehensive end-to-end energy management support through a range of professional services. Including surveys, compliance and legislation, energy assessments and audits, certifications, strategies and management solutions.

Our broad range of services is delivered by a team of highly qualified in-house energy management experts and consultants with knowledge and experience from a wide range of industries.


Our Building Energy Management System provides a stable platform for monitoring mechanical and electrical equipment in a building. It gives you the ability to:

  • Control energy usage
  • Lower costs
  • Guarantee assets are continuously in the right environment
  • Identify any issues before they become bigger problems
  • Meet corporate social responsibilities like reducing your carbon footprint


LED’ing the way – Our team at Oracle can also work with you to upgrade all your existing lighting to LED. A
bright idea we’d say – since the place will be up to 30% brighter and you’ll be making big savings within as little as a couple of years.


Why light it up when there’s nobody there? Our Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) systems ensure lighting only turns on when required so needless energy isn’t consumed.


Pump motor optimisation is another vital energy-management solution. Let us help you get the right pump and operating system and we’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need. Whether it’s catering for oversized pumps and throttling valves, to installing ‘Variable Frequency Drives’ (VFD) used in pump operations.

Other solutions for managing energy consumption include solar and gas wastage control.

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