Mechanical Services

Our Facilities Management wouldn't be Facilities Management without a tailor-made range of mechanical services, now would it.

All mechanical objects require some kind of installation as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs; so let us take care of the safe and proper installation of all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as all your ongoing maintenance and repairs. We're ready to work with you to ensure everything is super safe and working efficiently. Minimising risk, and saving you money and energy.



Without continued maintenance, energy consumption from a chiller can spiral. Thankfully our comprehensive preventive maintenance ensures optimum performance and efficiency of your chillers across 5 main areas:

  • Maintaining a Daily Operation Log
  • Keeping tubing clean
  • Ensuring a leak-free unit
  • Sustaining decent water treatment
  • Analysing the oil & refrigerant


Maintain your boilers properly, and you minimise waste.
We’ll maintain your boilers by:

  • Minimising heat loss by checking the insulation on valves, piping, flanges & fittings.
  • Replacing valve matt/covers when maintenance has been carried out.
  • Examining burners and fine-tuning to the correct settings to save gas consumption.
  • Supplying a record of work after each scheduled boiler maintenance.
  • Undertaking tasks when they’re required to avoid issues building up over time.
  • Identifying when a boiler needs replacing, or if it’s displaying signs of degradation or
    permanent inefficacy.


It makes perfect sense to keep drainage clear to keep things flowing. Why be held back by drainage blocks caused by grease and fat, or tree roots causing structural defects? Let Oracle manage your ongoing drainage maintenance and you’ll instantly eliminate any risk of having to face a whole wave of problems like water damage; endangering local wildlife ecosystems, and stumping up for costly fines from failing to comply with government guidelines.



With HVAC systems taking up to 65% of a building’s energy, getting the right fit is the order of the day. Our full HVAC design, installation and maintenance is tailored to your building’s specific needs, occupancy and heat load – letting you breathe easy with all the adequate thermal comfort and indoor air quality you need.

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