Source and Supply

Fast, flexible and fervent source and supply of anything and everything your organisation could ever wish for? It's the name of our game.

What can we supply? What the hell can't we. We're no 'catalogue' – we're a source and supply concierge with a world-class blend of knowledge and passion to boot. We've been serving businesses and organisations with a smorgasbord of supplies for over a decade. Yes, yes, the every day bread-and-butter consumables, sure thing. But, oh boy, the hard-as-hell-to-finds, the nigh-on-impossibles, the blow-your-socks-off statement pieces, and would you believe it the odd lizard or two. Put simply . . . we can source any thing and supply it to any where. We can manufacture to your preferred style, customise to your exact spec and heck, we offer white label printing with easy online print management, and we can brand anything you can fit your name on. We'll find, pack, wrap, ship and deliver to your desk on time and on budget. Saving you a ton of time, a bundle of boodle and heaps of hassle, so you're free to focus on what matters – facing down an intimidating new world of unprecedented change.

Import Export

Import & Export

Oracle FM have procurement and supply chain ties to over 50 countries. This experience allows us to expertly assess the global market and provide accurate solutions for your project needs.

We are uniquely able to navigate logistically and geographically complex locations, providing our clients with a distinct advantage:

  • Low cost of products and raw materials
  • Economic efficiencies such as tax breaks and low trade tariffs
  • Tapping into resources unavailable domestically
  • Alternate supplier/vendor sources therefore competitive pricing
  • Increase in total supply capacity
Source and Supply

Source & Supply

Along with our teams and partners located across the globe, Oracle FM are able to co-manage aspects of our process with our clients remotely:

  • Our systems allow us to manage and present varying time zones in providing non-confusing easy access to goods status, necessary documentation, photos and records in real-time.
  • Manage all the documents, waybills, payments, invoices and unique client request.
  • All staff Oracle FM work with are highly trained and are given necessary access to data to any data deemed necessary by clients to ensure proper management of your goods; supplier/ client contacts, the specifications of the goods being purchased, ect.
  • Email integration with your email allows immediately notifications of any changes pertaining to your cargo products.

Oracle FM’s Source Supply system significantly increases the efficiency in modern-day procurement and client relationship management.

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